Odour Removal

Odor Removal Toronto Odour Removal

Odour removal is an essential part of our work, crime scene cleaning and biohazard decontamination is always accompanied by foul odors that have permeated the space. But odour removal services don’t only apply to extreme contamination cases. We provide cigarette smoke odor removal, pet urine odour removal, odours resulting from hoarding, odour removal after sewer backups and more.

We have been in the hazard cleaning and decontamination business for over 20 years, serving Toronto, GTA and across Canada. Our experts have been guest lecturers for Toronto Police Services, Forensic Identification Services and local universities. We are experts in our field and we are equipped with the latest industrial strength odour removal equipment.

We Can Eliminate the Following Odours & More

  • Human Decomposition Odours
  • Cigarette Smoke Odours
  • Fire Smoke Odours
  • Pet Urine Odours
  • Hoarding & Pet Hoarding Odours
  • Sewage Contamination Odours
  • Skunk Spray
  • Crystal Meth/Ecstasy/Chemical Lab Odours

Odours are not just annoying, they can have an effect on your health. Odour molecules travel through the air and attach themselves to all surfaces. Within these molecules bacteria, chemical substances and other pollutants are present. Inhaling these odour molecules will mean you are also inhaling harmful pollutants.

How Does Odour Removal Work

Removal of odours can be difficult or almost impossible, unless the process of odour removal is performed by a trained technician utilizing professional odour removal equipment. We utilize a proprietary thermo heat and UVC light system and other equipment is used to permanently remove odours from all surfaces.

The odours do more than taint the air. They actually permeate furnishings and personal effects, and can become trapped in flooring, grout, and walls. Our technicians use the latest state of the art technology for odour removal. As a part of our process, we will assist you in salvaging all important personal items. We can accept a written list or even take photographs for you to look over so that you lose a minimum of important family possessions.

For professional odour removal services in Toronto & the GTA give us a call today and schedule an on-site consultation: 1-866-724-0800