Needle Recovery

When it comes to cleaning up used and discarded needles, it is important to leave it to the professionals.

Our Trained and Certified technicians are experiences and know how the environmentally safe procedures for the removal of bio hazardous contaminations. Used syringes can be found discarded in types of places, such as houses and apartment complexes, parks, even school playing fields. In may cases, the needles are obvious, dropped in doorways and passages. Sometimes the sharps are hidden or dropped in garbage, in toilets, behind or even inside furniture. Many landlords find out only after an eviction or move out, that the unit requires cleaning and contains discarded syringes, drug paraphernalia, condoms, etc. All of this presents a serious danger to one's health, as well as to others. Contractors and employees cannot work in these dangerous environments safely, and the premises must be decontaminated properly and professionally.