Human Decompositions cleaning

When an unattended death and decomposition has occurred, the decontamination must be performed by professionally trained technicians in order to protect the current and future inhabitants of the property. The human body begins to decay 15 minutes after the heart stops beating. The following two processes ensue: first, the body eliminates its fluids and second, household insects, such as the fly who detect the decomposing body, lay their larva in the mucous membranes, (i.e. mouth, eyes, and nose), of the body.

This, in fact, accelerates the process of decomposition. If pets should be present, they too may come into contact with the bodily fluids causing them to track "Biohazardous Infectious Materials", (WHMIS Class D, Division 3), throughout the entire premises. Often, days, weeks or even months can go by before the decomposition is discovered. During this time extremely offensive odours, (forms of Sulphur Dioxide), will permeate the physical structure itself, along with furnishings and other personal effects.

Human decomposition decontamination involves the disinfection, recovery, removal and packaging for disposal of all "Biohazardous Infectious Materials", (WHMIS Class D, Division 3), and items that have become contaminated with body fluids, (blood, urine etc.), and odour, but it does not stop there.

Those trained in decontamination are adept at tracking down and remediating all areas that have become contaminated. Grout, cement, wood flooring and sub flooring that all have the potential to emanate offensive odours, (forms of Sulphur Dioxide), if they have become contaminated with body fluids, (blood, urine, etc). Our technicians use federal government recommended technology for disinfection, (Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Communicable Disease Report, Volume 27S3, "Viral Emerging Bloodborne Pathogens", "The Inactivation of Hepatitis B & C Viruses"), as well as the latest state of the art environmentally friendly technology that works at the molecular level to further the decontamination process.

Our professional staff can help a grieving family by dealing quickly and efficiently with the decontamination process. Our staff members are sensitive to a family's grief, and will thoroughly explain the process that may be required for their particular situation.