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Crime Scene Cleaners Inc. is Canada’s leading authority on the remediation of Biohazardous & Infectious Materials, as defined by the CCOHS (WHMIS Class D, Division 3). Our trauma and biohazard cleaning services encompass the decontamination, disinfection, sterilization, recovery, packaging, safe and proper disposal of all contaminants in accordance with the Canadian Environmental Protection Act Regulation 347. We have been serving the Newmarket community since 1972.

Our experts are a highly specialized group of trained and certified biohazard cleaners with decades of experience in biohazard, trauma and crime scene cleaning. We work closely with local and provincial law enforcement agencies, and we are one of the only biohazard company in Canadian history to have worked under the supervision of Health Canada.

Our services are offered to a wide variety of clientele in Newmarket, including businesses, property managers, landlords and private citizens.

crime scene cleaners new market
crime scene cleaning new market
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Our biohazard cleaning services include:


We offer 24/7 emergency services in Newmarket and surrounding areas. Our crime scene cleaners are ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

Why hire Crime Scene Cleaners Inc.?

Attempting to clean biohazardous infectious materials on your own will not only put your health at risk but will spread bacteria, pathogens, viruses and parasites beyond the affected area. You will run a high risk of infection and toxicity!  We are trained and certified to decontaminate and sterilize trauma scenes, and properly dispose of all dangerous materials.

You can be exposed to:

  • Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E


  • Tuberculosis

  • Fungi such as Aspergillis niger (ear infections)

  • Bacteria such as Bordetella pertussis (Whooping Cough)

  • Pathogens like influenza


Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners is committed to helping people when tragedy strikes. Our objective is to restore safety to an environment in the most professional and discrete manner possible.
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We are proud guest educators to the following agencies:

Canada Border Services Agency

Forensic Identification Services

Toronto Fire Services

Toronto Police Services

york university

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victim services peel

victim services york region

victim services caledon

We know these situations may not be the most ideal, it’s for this reason that we continually strive to provide you with the most professional and courteous service at all times.

With a team that’s available 24/7, 365 days of the year – give us a call today and no project is too big or too small for us. 1-866-724-0800